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The Transportation Board's inception as successor to the Highway Board occurred in 1975.

The Board's duties and responsibilities include response to appeals, petitions and specific activities pursuant to statutory authority; i.e. Highways (Title 19) and Aeronautics, Railroads and Surface Transportation (Title 5).

Petition to Name Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport Terminal

The Transportation Board on February 1, 2020 issued a decision regarding a petition to name the terminal building at the Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport the "Walter E. Houghton Memorial Terminal." A public hearing was held on December 17, and the Board also has received several written comments which were due by January 19. Anyone interested in the request can Download a copy of the petition and supporting documents.

The terminal building at the Rutland Southern Vermont State Airport is owned, controlled and maintained by the State of Vermont and the Vermont Agency of Transportation and is located in the Town of Clarendon, VT. State records indicate the terminal has no known designation.

Mr. Houghton was born in Rutland and raised in Bridgewater. He earned his private pilot license while serving the the U.S. Air Force and following his service worked for Mohawk Airlines. In 1970, he worked for the Vermont Aeronautics Board as Manager of State Airports and eventually managed Northern Airways' base operation in Burlington, VT. In 1983, Mr. Houghton was selected as the Director of Aviation at Burlington International Airport where he helped promote the growth of its passenger airline service. During his time working for the state, he played an important role in implementing the state airport plan, leading search and rescue operations, engaging accident pre-planning, and implementing both an effective winter snow removal plan and a continuing maintenance program.